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How does DocuShred work for you?

Clear Direction

Your DocuShred Account Manager works with you to determine your needs in containers, placement and scheduled pick-ups.

Deposit Confidentiality

Your employees deposit confidential papers and materials into the secured container.

Destruction of Materials

Materials are destroyed by the shredder in to crisscross confetti like unreadable pieces.

Personal Delivery

A uniformed staff member delivers your secure locking container and places it in the agreed upon spot.

Scheduled for Pick Up

Uniformed staff member emptiest the container on the scheduled pick up day & hands client a receipt of custody of the documents set for destruction.

Mailed Certificate

You are mailed a Certificate of Destruction stating the date and time your materials were destructed.

Unique Key

Your company contact person is given a key in case something is mistakenly put into the locked container.

Securely Locked Containers

Materials are secured in locked containers within our truck and driven back to main facility for destruction.

Monthly Invoice

You receive a monthly invoice detailing your destruction activities.

DocuShred can solve all of your document destruction needs and can customize a plan for you today.

  • One time purges for files that have accumulated in storage.
  • Multiple secure containers.
  • Recycling of non confidential papers.



Call us today for all your document destruction needs.

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