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  • What size shredding jobs can DocuShred handle?

    DocuShred can handle any size job. DocuShred solutions and services include a one-time clean out for documents stored away, or a standard scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly service for those companies who consistently dispose of classified records.

  • Why use DocuShred when I can just shred myself?

    Office shredders are not cost efficient, taking up valuable office space and office work time.  They are also messy and often unreliable. DocuShred offers a much more cost efficient, clean and secure way to destroy your documents.

  • We recycle, isn’t that enough?

    Recycling is not a secure method of securing your business’ information as Recycling Plants do not have guidelines for handling sensitive materials.  Once your materials are sent to a recycling plant anyone can access them and use them at their discretion.  DocuShred makes sure that your documents do not get into the wrong hands and is a sensible risk management tool.

  • What happens to the material after it is destroyed?

    Destroyed materials, now in the shape of confetti, are then put into bales, recycled and reused in various paper products used every day.

  • Where does the material I want destroyed go while I wait for a pick up?

    DocuShred provides locked containers where you can store confidential materials until your scheduled pickups.  All containers are professional looking with a paper slot making them convenient and easy to use.  DocuShred also offers an assortment of containers in different sizes that can accommodate any need you may have.

  • What if our containers are full before the pick up or we need more or larger containers?

    DocuShred is flexible when it comes to your document destruction needs. Just contact your Account Manager to discuss adjusting your DocuShred service.  DocuShred is committed to making our companies satisfied.

  • Who needs shredding services?

    Just about everyone, business or individual, need to be shredding sensitive materials. Identity theft and consumer fraud is a growing problem. Also, to be in compliant with FACTA Act Disposal Rule, practically all businesses and personal employers are legally obligated to destroy confidential documents, and will be held liable for any consequences ensued in failure to appropriately destroy and dispose of confidential materials.  If you or your business is involved in any of the following, DocuShred is the solution:

    • Financial Institutions
    • Legal Firms
    • Real Estate Offices
    • Healthcare (hospital, doctors office, etc.)
    • Universities
    • Data Centers
    • Company Headquarters
    • Automotive Industries
    • Insurance Companies
    • Government Agencies
    • Large Office Buildings
    • Research/Testing Businesses
    • Technological Centers
    • Market Research Facilities
  • How do I know my material has been destroyed? Do we get a receipt?

    Yes. DocuShred provides clients with a Certificate of Destruction confirming the date, time and amount of sensitive/confidential materials that were shredded.  The Certificate of Destruction is an essential legal record of compliance with a retention program.

  • What does AAA Certified by NAID mean?

    The NAID Certification Program establishes minimum standards for employee hiring and screening, operations, the destruction process and insurance as well as other security factors.

  • How do I know if I have the right amount of containers x and proper service frequency?

    DocuShred notes the fill level of each of container for the first 90 days of service.  Your invoice will reflect this so you can adjust your service.

  • Do you charge for delivering or removing consoles? Is there a rental or fee for the containers?

    DocuShred does not charge for the delivery or pick up of containers nor do we charge for their use.  The fee is for pick up and processing.

  • Will you recycle my shredded documents?

    All shredded paper products are taken to a recycler where it is baled and sent to a paper mill.

  • What about carbon paper?

    Carbon paper is a contaminant and is treated like plastic materials.

  • Are your employees bonded?

    All DocuShred employees are bonded and uniformed.  We utilize an outside agency to check backgrounds on all DocuShred candidates. In addition to our background checks, DocuShred has a strict No Drug policy with random drug tests for all DocuShred employees. All DocuShred employees wear a company uniform and display a picture ID badge.

  • Do you strip shred the material?

    No, strip shredding is an extremely ineffective manner of destroying documents.  Materials strip shredded can easily be pieced back together.  DocuShred uses a pierce and tear technique that cross cuts the documents and turns the documents into tiny, indecipherable bits that look like confetti.

  • How do you guarantee our security?

    DocuShred is AAA Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and we go to extreme measures to offer the uppermost precautions in the security of your documents.

  • Why don’t you charge by the minute instead of by volume?

    Charging by volume gives you the best value. DocuShred uses superior equipment that can shred thousands of pounds of documents per hour allowing us to service clients efficiently and cost effectively.  Some shredding companies do charge by the minute. Charging by the minute benefits the shredding company because it includes the time involved in collection of all containers and the actual shredding time.

  • What if I only need shredding once a year or just need to shred a lot at one time?

    DocuShred adjusts services to fit clients’ needs whether it is on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

  • Is the shredding process secure?

    Yes. All shredding takes place in a secured, confined location.

  • If we store our records do we have to shred them?

    Looking at the storage or records from a risk management standpoint, there are business records that need to be retained for a certain amount of time and once this time period has expired the only acceptable way to handle the information is to destroy them in a manner that offers total destruction and does not compromise the company or the client.  DocuShred gives their clients a Certificate of Destruction documenting the exact date and manner used for destruction as legal record of following the regulations and guidelines.

  • How long should I keep my documents before destroying them?

    Most sensitive documents and materials need to be saved for a minimum of seven years with few exceptions that should be kept on a permanent basis.  Please see the Retention Schedule for further information.

  • What should we be shredding?

    You say you don’t have much confidential information that needs to be shredded? Think again! Here is a list of the type of information that absolutely should be shredded.  Again please see the Retention Schedule for more information and always seek legal advice if in doubt.

    • Account records & ledgers
    • Activity sheets
    • Advertising misprints
    • Applications
    • Appraisals
    • Bank Statements
    • Bids & quotes
    • Budgets
    • Business plans
    • Cancelled checks
    • Client lists
    • Competitive information
    • Computer printouts
    • Contact lists
    • Corporate tax records
    • Correspondence
    • Customer records
    • Credit Card Receipts
    • Disciplinary reports and promotions
    • Educational reports
    • Expense reports
    • Financial Statements & records
    • Forecasts
    • Formulas, product plans & tests
    • General service information
    • Health and safety reports
    • Invoices
    • Legal documents
    • Internal reports
    • Inventory lists
    • Lottery tickets
    • Magnetic media
    • Maps & blueprints
    • Marketing plans
    • Medical records
    • Microfilm and microfiche
    • New product information
    • Payroll documents
    • Performance appraisals
    • Personnel files
    • Plastic credit and ID cards
    • Price lists
    • Research and development reports
    • Sales forecasts
    • Sales statistics
    • Specification drawings
    • Strategic reports
    • Strategies
    • Supplier purchase orders
    • Supplier reports
    • Supplier specifications
    • Tax Records
    • Test scores and class rosters
    • Training information
    • Treatment programs
  • We have files storage with documents that need to be shredded, but first we need to sort through them. Do you have any containers that we can use?

    We can drop off as many containers as you think you may need before the shredding date.



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